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Developer and marketer of the BLUESTACK CMS platform (formerly CMS MEDIOS).
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Content Management Platform

BLUESTACK CMS is a content management platform specialized in digital media with flavors that adapt to the needs of medium to large sites (Enterprise) and startups and digital natives (SaaS).

Content Management Platform

+ 500 productive cases

" We create sustainable sites through business models based on contributions, subscriptions and programmatic advertising (Ad Manager)."

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Main clients who trust BLUESTACK and its BLUESTACK CMS platform (formerly CMS MEDIOS).

Debate Mexico

Success Case: record of 208,000 concurrent users for debate.com.mx (2018 Elections).

Loading time

Ultra-fast adaptive site with regular 3G charge in less than 3 seconds.


Growth from 1.6 MM users per month to 32 MM in the first 24 months.


+300% revenue increase through inventory management and ad serving performance.

Caso de exito Debate
Product & Benefits


We build our sites complying with the page experience signals and main web metrics (Core Web Vitals).

Development speed

Up to 50% development time reduction while using news:tags framework


Sites with more than 300 million page views and a concurrency record of 208,000 users.


Tutorials, code samples, and web trainings make site adoption and development easy.

Cost reduction

Use of world-class infrastructure as a service in the cloud and CDN.

Continuous evolution

Continuous release of new versions of the platform.

Fraud protection

Mechanisms for the prevention of advertising fraud.


BLUESTACK CMS works in private cloud instances or like a software as a service (SaaS).


MVPs and growth-phase sites looking for best practices

Time to market: 1 to 2 weeks

UX with basic customization

Technology: AMP, Standard Web or HIT (headless integration toolkit)

software: as a service (SaaS) in public cloud

Technical SEO, Core Web Vitals, and Monetization Best Practices

Monthly update

World-class content delivery network, advanced security, and bot control

CoreSites (Powered by BLUESTACK CMS)

Verticals, content marketing and sites looking for world-class design with best practices

Time to market: 1 to 2 weeks

World-class UX, multi-site update, and UI auto-parameterization

Technology: React/JS, AMP over Vercel or Amplify

Software: as a service (SaaS) in public cloud

Technical SEO, Core Web Vitals, and Monetization Best Practices

Monthly update

World-class content delivery network, advanced security, and bot control


Custom projects for medium or large sites

Time to market: from 8 weeks

Custom UX developed by the agency or by the client's team (headless)

Front-end technology at the client's choice (headless integration)

software: as a service (SaaS) in public or private cloud

Technical SEO, Core Web Vitals and custom monetization

Update: Agency or Client Timeline

Content distribution network chosen by the client (Cloudfront, Cloudflare, Akamai, etc.)

Content distribution and security

We are specialists in AWS Cloudfront CDN, AWS application firewall (WAF), Shield Advanced advanced security and BOT control. We have a solution aimed at improving the performance, security and quality of traffic on editorial sites and eCommerce.

Performance and Availability

A robust implementation of AWS Cloudfront combined with developments carried out by our firm offers significant cost savings, both in GB trafficked per month and in infrastructure 'offload', as well as performance improvements.

Content Protection and BOT Control

We develop a bot control solution focused on preventing and combating content theft through scraping, site cloning and business intelligence. The protection of original content favors the growth of organic traffic.

Our history

BLUESTACK CMS (formerly CMS MEDIOS) is the result of our experience in more than 500 projects in the digital media industry at a regional level.



Editorial Televisa selects CMS MEDIOS for its verticals

Turner Latam
Turner Latam

Turner Latam adopts CMS MEDIOS for its sports sites.


Debate Mexico
Debate Mexico

DEBATE migrates its news portal

TYC Sports
TYC Sports

We developed the news site for the TYC Sports television channel.


Fox Sports
Fox Sports

Launch of FOX Sports news portal.


Implementation of CMS Medios in Cronista.com


We developed the CMS Shows and Series of FOX Latin American Channels.


Diario UNO
Diario UNO

First implementation of CMS Medios in Diario UNO

La Capital
La Capital

First implementation of CMS Medios in Diario La Capital.


We develop the content manager of Perfil.com.


Clarin Autos

Development of the vertical portal of Clasificados Autos Clarín.


First experience in media developing Content Management and Caching modules for the Clarin.com Content Manager.


Product specialized in digital media management with more than 500 productive cases. Get to know our main projects.

Technology stack

BLUESTACK CMS (formerly CMS MEDIOS) uses different technologies according to the type of implementation: React JS, AMP, Amazon Web Services and Angular.

React JS
GeekMe site

Our goal is to see you grow.

"Media sustainability is central to our work. Our licensing model is committed to the growth of our clients. We use AI technologies to optimize publisher's content production costs."
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Aid Program

BUILD CHANGE, a support program for non-governmental organizations (NGOs)


We help change-making organizations spread their message using the best editorial, SEO, performance and security practices.

The main areas of work are: climate change, sustainability, education, the fight against poverty and food programs.

Technology for Solutions presencia regional

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